Guitar Pro har kommet i versjon 7, og er et supert program for å skrive tablatur til gitar, bass, ukulele og mye annet. Programmet finnes for både Mac og Windows, og koster $75 (ca. 650 NOK). Det finnes en 30 dagers demo tilgjengelig, slik at du kan teste programmet grundig før kjøp. Mer info

GP7 - What’s new:

  • New user interface with main features accessible via a Toolbar, and right-hand inspector window listing the properties of the song and track
  • Simplified RSE-track set-up: now by directly selecting a sound preset made of a soundbank and an effect chain
  • Much smoother scrolling and zooming views of music sheets
  • Smoother, customizable playback cursor
  • Retina- (MacOS) and HD- (Windows) compatible software
  • Sheet-music graphics entirely revised according to musical standards
  • Plug a guitar in and play through the effect chains of the active track (may require an audio acquisition card)
  • Mixing of MIDI and RSE now possible between tracks (similarly to GP5)
  • Displaying tabs now possible on all tracks, including drums (similarly to GP5)
  • New notation elements (golpe, pick scrape, bend in standard notation, etc.)
  • New soundbanks (sitar, various guitars and basses, etc.)
  • Stereo samples
  • Version 6 add-on soundbanks now included in the standard version
  • New polyphonic digital tuner
  • Touch-sensitive- screen and trackpad support (under development)
  • Resizable virtual instruments (fretboard and keyboard)
  • Possibility to password-protect a file either active or being worked on
  • New audio-export formats: MP3, FLAC, OGG, etc.
  • Enhanced imports / exports: MIDI, MusicXML, etc.
  • Numerous minor new features or corrections of version 6