Oppdateringen er gratis for de som Studio 3 fra før.

Her er nyhetene ihht Release Notes fra Presonus:

IMPORTANT: This version introduces an updated file format for Songs and Projects for faster Save / Auto-Save. Files created in 3.5 will no longer open in previous versions of Studio One. Make sure to work from copies of your existing songs created in Studio One 3.3.4 or older if you like to continue working with a previous version as well.

New features and improvements: 

•Audio Engine and Performance 

•Flexible Dropout Protection 

•Native Low Latency Monitoring 

•Low-latency virtual instrument monitoring 

•Multi-processing enhancements for improved CPU balancing 

•Arrangement and Automation 

•New shortcut to “Select all Muted Events” 

•Copy/Paste Events also copies Layer data 

•Import tempo map, time signatures and markers when dragging MIDI file to 
Arrangement [Cmd+Alt] 

•Maximum Track Delay increased to 1,000ms 

•New Track command: “Apply Track Names to Channels” 

•“Cursor follows Edit Position” now limited to manually selected events or ranges 

•Batch renaming events always adds leading zero 

•Event Inspector: Multi-editing for Event Start and End 

•Arranger Track: Move Arranger Section only [Cmd+Alt] 

•"Bounce to new Track" now preserves output routing 

•Complete Show/Hide for Automation 

•Automation Lanes on Instrument Track 

•Improved time-stretching accuracy. “Audio Bend” mode now obsolete.