PreSonus oppdaterer Studio One til v4.1.1. Blant nyhetene finner vi følgende forbedringer og fikser:

New features and Improvements:

- [Tempo Track] improvements for "Scale Time" manual tempo mapping.
- [Tempo Track] Update timeline in realtime when warping.
- [ATOM] Keyboard mode for Melodic Editor.
- [ATOM] Bank button follows bank color.
- [ATOM] Added user command assignments to pads 1-8 in Setup mode.
- [ATOM] Play button will change from green to light blue when loop is active.
- [Impact XT] Multiselect for pads (Shift or CMD).
- Master volume values are shown when slider in transport bar is moved.
- Increase grab area for automation lines by one pixel on each side.
- "Follow Chords" settings are now remembered when reverting instrument transformation.
- Improved spacing in Editor Inspector's chord input display.
- Added automatic detection for CME Xkey devices.
- Optimized MIDI update rate for Control Surfaces.

The following issues have been fixed:

- [Windows 7] Application hanging on launch with nVidia drivers newer than v388.71.
- [Windows] Video not displayed on specific hardware.
- [Windows] Pen support disabled.
- [macOS] System command focus not working in dialog edit field.
- [Project Page] Audible pops at song transitions.
- [Project Page] Loudness detection post fx broken.
- [Browser] Crash on "Merge to Stereo File".
- [Chord Track] Potential crash when playing back song with universal follow mode.
- [Chord Track] Dragging chords over existing ones won't reflect changes.
- "Follow Chords" creates wrong results when notes are longer than parts.
- "Copy to new Scratch Pad" ignores Tempo Track.
- Arranger track edits ignore time signature changes.
- Incorrect initial send automation on reloading a song.
- Freeze on moving Bus Channel.
- Added tempo points not snapping to grid.
- Timeline jumps when timebase is set to Beat-Linear.
- Restore version creates duplicate song version.
- Moving first tempo point of Scratch Pad impossible.
- In Beat-Linear mode, "Zoom to Loop" scrolls to wrong position.
- In Beat-Linear mode, the Waveform disappears on audio event in Scratch Pad.
- When "Release Audio device in Background" option is checked, Studio One exits looped region on losing focus.
- When "Apply folder track color to content" option is checked, the tracks inside a folder become all grey.
- Unexpected bounce results on different dropout protection settings.
- [Macro toolbar] Potential crash on clicking "New Page".
- Nebula 4 VST2 plugin not loading.
- Soloing a Solo Safe Bus without function.
- Control linked channel fader jumps to initial value when assigned to control linked VCA.
- [Impact XT] Real time amp decay changes are glitchy.
- Audition notes not working when cursor follows edit position.
- Reveal precount early note extends to bar 1 when qwerty keyboard is used as input.
- Potential crash on undoing track duplications.
- Note-on at left locator recorded after loop cycle is placed wrong.
- Wrong note length and start position when played at right locator with Offset enabled.
- Wrong text color / background color for edit boxes of Arranger Track Inspector items.
- Odd behavior when copy/pasting automation point.
- Crash when saving song w/ empty Presence.
- Certain songs w/ Melodyne 4.2 get stuck at playback.
- Some add-ons (Sound Sets, VU-Meter, etc.) missing in Studio One Demo.
- Song loses "pin" state after restoring versions.
- Split at Grid only splits first few bars with odd tempo.
- Unexpected duplication result on event following chord.
- Crash on closing song after deleting Scratch Pads.

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