Synapse Audio har gitt Dune - deres polyfoniske grom-synth - en kraftig overhaling, og kaller den DUNE 3. Synthen kombinerer mulighetene man har med VA/subtractiv, Wavetable og FM synther med et utvidet modulasjonsystem som de kaller DUNE (Differential Unison Engine). DUNE 3 er for øvrig kompatibel med Native Instruments NKS format.

DUNE 3 features summary:

  • VA, Wavetable and FM Synthesis
  • Two oscillator stacks with 32 oscillators each
  • Third oscillator and white/pink noise generator
  • 8x Unison = up to 520 oscillators per note!
  • Comprehensive Wavetable Editor
  • Full version comes with 1000 patches
  • Patch-compatible with DUNE 2
  • Dual filter with Balance and serial/parallel routing
  • Analog-modeled zero-delay feedback filters
  • Four graphical envelopes (MSEG)
  • Three low-frequency oscillators (LFO)
  • Modulation matrix for synth and FX parameters
  • Two Master FX busses with 9 high-quality effects each
  • Dual Arpeggiator with MIDI import

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