Custom Shop EZX er en ny utvidelse for EZ Drummer 2 og Superior Drummer 3, og inneholder samplede trommelyder. Toontrack sier flg: "Even though some of the greatest drums in the world roll straight off assembly lines before they end up on store shelves, there is something irrefutably unique about the handcrafted – the ones where the artisan has steamed, bent, screwed, bolted and riveted their instruments together from the first slab of produce to final product. We're talking about the made-to-order, custom and rare instruments in which each man-made little characteristic contributes to something that can't be mass-produced or mimicked: personality. Welcome to the Custom Shop EZX, a collection of some of the most rare, hard-to-come-by and unique handcrafted drums in the world."

Kort sammendrag:

  • Features only top-shelf, rare, handcrafted and custom instruments.
  • Six (6) types of wood and several different metals covered.
  • Four (4) full kits with additional kicks and snares.
  • 12 cymbals and two (2) sets of hi-hats.
  • Both sticks and brushes available for select kits and instruments.
  • Captured at Brooklyn Recording by producer Joe Blaney (The Clash, Prince, Keith Richards).
  • Includes a collection of MIDI grooves and fills.

Prisen er 699,- Les mer hos Toontrack  

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