Modo Drum er iflg. IK Multimedia de første trommene som er basert på fysisk modellering. 

De har kommet med flg. pressemelding:

“June 20, 2019 - IK Multimedia, the leader in software modelling technology, is proud to present MODO DRUM®, its first physical modelling drum virtual instrument. A sequel to IK's award-winning MODO BASS software, MODO DRUM brings musicians of all styles and genres a new level of customization, detail and realism, that is unprecedented in any plug-in and standalone software to date. Using a powerful combination of modal synthesis and advanced sampling, MODO DRUM offers 10 deeply customizable, virtual drum kits with real-time access to every parameter of each drum (kick, snares and toms) - from size and tension, to shell profile and playing style, and more. Cymbals can also be tuned and damping adjusted to ensure incredibly realistic music tracks. To further shape their sound, users can place their kit in different acoustic environments and take advantage of a full mixer with sends and buses, as well as 19 studio processors and effects from IK's acclaimed T-RackS and AmpliTube software titles to add the final polish to any kit. An integrated Groove manager featuring more than 1,400 patterns allows users to create beats right out of the box. 

Real-time drum synthesis

Unlike traditional sample-based virtual instruments, MODO DRUM utilizes IK's award-winning modal synthesis technology and an ultra-optimized sound engine to bring drums to life. The result of 11 years of research and development with one of the oldest universities in Europe, each drum's acoustic behaviour is determined by its physical parameters: dimensions, materials, skin, and more, as well by the playing style, the interaction of the drum head with the body, the effect of sympathetic vibrations and the acoustic interaction with the room. MODO DRUM creates incredibly authentic sound in real time, recreating those ever-changing interactions between the player, drums, and room on the fly in a new way that no current sample-based software can do.

10 drum kits, infinite possibilities

MODO DRUM offers 10 iconic drum kits to cover every style and genre of music. From jazz to grunge kits and maple shells to exotic bubinga, each kit has been chosen to represent a particular style, genre or time period, for the widest possible range of timbres and tones. Three complete cymbal sets are also included, as well as tambourine, cowbell and claps for full General MIDI compatibility.

Unprecedented sound customization

MODO DRUM offers the most customization options ever seen in a drum plug-in, allowing users to control the entire act of playing drums - from the kit itself, to playing style, stick selection, room choice and effects. The Customize section allows users to add, remove, swap and rearrange drums from starter kits. For each drum in the kit, users can then adjust a wide selection of elements on the fly, including the skins, tuning, damping, diameter, height and the shell profile of the drum itself. For snare drums, the type and tension of the snare can be adjusted, and for both kick and snare, users can even adjust the sympathetic vibration of nearby drums. Cymbals can be tuned up and down, and damping can be adjusted to precisely shape their sound and performance. Any element can be saved as an individual preset; entire kits can also be saved for future use.”

Prisen er 299 EUR (i overkant av 2.900,- NOK med dagens kurs), men det kan hende at du slipper med 199 EUR (ca. 1.950,- NOK), hvis du har kjøpt produkter fra dem tidligere. For å se dette må du logge inn hos dem. Les mer hos IK Multimedia

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