Kilohearts har pusset opp pluggene sine og lanserer dem i versjon 1.8. Oppdateringen er gratis for alle brukere. Endringene består i nye funksjoner, forbedringer i grensesnittet og noen feilfikser. Synthen Phase Plant har forøvrig bl.a. vunnet "Grar of the year 2019" i Futuremusic. Se video nedenfor.

Her er en oversikt over endringene og nyhetene:


  • Snap Heap and Multipass can now themselves be added as snapins, making it possible to do very complex nested FX structures.
  • Totally reworked preset browsing:
  • Preset favorites.
  • Multiple user preset folders.
  • Preset search.
  • Proper preset browsing in snapins.
  • Better Save dialog.
  • Made it possible to select a default preset.
  • New and improved top bar in all plugins.
  • Improved preset loading speed.
  • Curated and sorted factory presets for Snap Heap and Multipass.
  • Fix for keyboard input not being forwarded to the DAW when a sub window had focus.
  • Fixed automation not being smooth when large buffer sizes are used.
  • Fixed a problem that made it impossible to enter a parameter value via keyboard in the popup while the parameter was modulated.

Phase Plant:

  • Over 80 new factory presets. Search for "#new" in the preset browser to find them all.
  • Sample and Wavetable browsing now uses the new content browser.
  • LFO shapes can now be saved/loaded, also using the new content browser.
  • Filter and Distortion generator FX now have better visualization.
  • Filter generator FX now has slope control.
  • Distortion generator FX has a new distortion mode: Quantize.
  • Added visualization to filter and distortion generator FX modules.
  • Improved grid control in LFO editor.
  • Improved LFO editor tools. The new "Stepped draw tool" makes it easier to use the LFO as a step sequencer.
  • Changed legato behavior. Adjacent notes are now considered to be separate rather than being played legato.
  • Adjusted the layout of the add modulator popup to be consistent with the same popup for generators and snapins.
  • Fixed a crash when adding audio rate modulations to a Sampler while playing a note.
  • Fixed samples sometimes not playing after loading a preset.
  • Fix for root and loop settings not updating as they should when loading samples.
  • Fix for old sample playing at the wrong pitch for a split second when browsing samples.


  • New distortion mode: Quantize.


  • Added slope control.

Carve EQ:

  • New visual style with better controls in Snapin mode.

Slice EQ:

  • New visual style with better controls in Snapin mode.
  • Global frequency offset, making it easier to modulate the whole EQ curve like a filter.


  • Fixed jittery knob drag behavior with high DPI gaming mouses.
  • Fixed graphical glitches.
  • Improved UI performance.
  • Fixed plugins failing AUVal on older macOS versions.


  • Fixed a problem with drag and drop on high DPI screens.
  • Fixed a problem where the window got focused after a popup window was removed.