Toontrack har lansert en ny EZX utvidelse til EZDrummer og Superior Drummer. Dette er en stor samling skarp- og basstrommer, som er ment å dekke en bred palett av trommelyder. Prisen er 599 SEK.


  • 31 multi-sampled, individual kick drum instruments
  • 43 multi-sampled, individual snare drum instruments
  • A wide range of alternative tunings and configurations, in total around 130 kick and snare voices
  • Never-before-released material recorded in eight different top studios in Australia and the UK
  • Sampled by three different drummers for maximum variation (Chris Whitten, Adam Falkner and Simon Ayton)
  • Also includes three toms, two crashes, one ride and one set of hi-hats for easy kit construction
  • Close to 100 unique mix-ready kit presets covering anything from traditional/organic mixes to those involving elaborate sound design
  • The perfect palette of raw material for sound design, custom kit creation and sound replacement
  • Tailored for a broad use in anything from acoustic/organic to modern pop, hip-hop, ambient and electronic
  • Includes a selection of backbeat-oriented MIDI grooves performed by Darby Todd