Vember Audio sin Open Source synthesizer, Surge, er oppdatert til v.1.6.6. Synthen er gratis og finnes for Windows (32 og 64 bit VST), macOS (64 bit AU og VST), og Linux (LV2 og VST). Her er det noen nye funksjoner og bugfixer. Se nedenfor:

Changes in Version 1.6.6

Version 1.6.6 fixes several bugs and adds a few key features. We released so quickly after 1.6.5 since we want to take a pause on doing regular production releases while we prepare for a Surge 1.7 release which will include (among other things) a skinning engine to allow designers to adapt the UI. As such, this will be our last production release for a little while - perhaps until summer of 2020. Changes in 1.6.6 are

Audio and Performance Changes

  • The “Absolute” unison mode was both sample rate dependant and mis-callibrated. Correct it so that, at all sample rates, a “16hz” absolute unison is a 16hz unison spread.
  • Unison range can now be extended, giving unison spreads up to one octave (pitch) or 192Hz (absolute)
  • The Window Oscillator now supports FM, and is callibrated to use the same FM Depth as FM2/3/Sin oscillators.
  • We initialize modulators before the initial voice start, setting the first modulator value at voice initiaion corectly and avoiding a 32-sample “sweep” across a modulator value at voice onset.
  • Fix two bugs with the sustain pedal; first sustain on channels 3 and 4 didn’t work, and second pressing a key multiple times while sustain was held would lead to an incorrect state.
  • Fix a bug with the tuning engine where mappings with root keys far outside of scale ranges gave incorrect results
  • Make the Oscillator display constant even in extreme tuning changes

LV2 Changes

  •  The LV2had incorrectly advertised the identity of its ports. Change to use unique symbols for each port. Unfortunately this fix will break prior Surge sessions, but those prior sessions inconsistently streamed the synth state in most LV2 hosts
  • The LV2 didn’t advertise all parameter changes leading to a port being non-synchronized.

Smaller Changes

  • The VST3/Windows plugin properly formats the automation display of the CC parameters
  • The FX slots and automation parameters are named more consistently, as are several menus and labels
  • The value popup window popsup on mouse-down not mouse-move on a slider
  • The patch and wavetable menus have refresh options on the popup menu, not just in menu/data and patches
  • Slider mouse behavior in medium and slow works more like classic when over-dragging
  • Added an init patch which assigns a distinct modulator envelope to each OSC
  • Add a regtest that parameter IDs are stable across versions
  • Modify the build pipeline so the linux .deb file has correct ownership on shared assets
  • Stream the WaveTable name into the patch
  • Correct the “open tuning library” menu on windows
  • Fix a bug with opening and closing the VST2 on Linux

 Her er en video av Roger Linn demostrerer sin Linnstrument med Surge: