Steinberg har lansert versjon 7 av det visuelle audioredigeringsverktøyet Spectral Layers og Spectral Layers Elements. Programmet gjør det mulig å redigere lyd spektralt både i 2D og 3D, og leverer en rekke verktøy til jobben. I versjon 7 har de implementert kunstig intelligens (AI) for å gjøre redigeringen lettere og bedre. Det finnes også bl.a. bedre ARA 2 integrasjon til bruk med f.eks Cubase eller Nuendo.

Nyheter og forbedringer i v.7:

  • New Artificial Intelligence algorithms that can sense discrete events in a sound field and isolate them on independent, colorful layers for processing.
  • Unmix tracks to stems to extract the different instruments to separate layers, such as vocals, piano, bass, drums, and more.
  • Unmix components to deconstruct stems into tone, noise and transient component layers.
  • Pattern finder to select a target sound and then automatically locate and select every other similar sound in the spectrum (Pro only).
  • Voice Denoiser to recognize and isolate the human voice and then attenuate everything but the voice for maximum intelligibility (Pro only).
  • Repair processes including AI-powered Click repair and Hum reduction (Pro and Elements) as well as Clip repair and improved Healing (Pro only).
  • Improved Playback tool and Transform tool now featuring a new Transform Selection mode.
  • Improved ARA 2 layer management creates new layers in the ARA environment.
  • VST 3 plug-in support on a per-layer basis, in both standalone and ARA modes.
  • Further improvements including customizable UI luminosity, a playback VU meter, rapid tool toggling, the ability to render a selected layer directly and much more.

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