AudioGridder DSP Server er utviklet av Andreas Pohl, og er en åpen kildekode-løsning for å kjøre DSP servere. Disse er tenkt å avlaste hovedmaskinen ved å kjøre VST2/VST3/AU plugins på eksterne maskiner for økt beregningskraft.

Her er hva du får iflg. Andreas:

"This allows you to add remote insert chains or instruments into your DAW's signal paths. The DSP code of the loaded remote plugins will be executed on the remote machine and the remote plugin UI's will be streamed over the network. With AudioGridder you get an experience very close to hosting the plugins directly in your DAW but not using your local CPU."

  • A server for macOS and Windows, that can host VST2/VST3 and AudioUnit plugins to make them accessible over the network. 
  • A plugin (VST2/VST3/AudioUnit) for macOS, Windows and Linux, that connects a DAW to AudioGridder servers.



The server supports VST2, VST3 and AudioUnit (on macOS only) plugin formats and is available for macOS and Windows. There are multiple possibilities for your setup. It is suggested, that you dedicate each server instance to a single remote DAW workspace. That is because each server can only stream a single UI at the same time.

The server is implemented as tray application on all platforms. Just click on the tray icon to bring up the settings, plugin manager or statistics window.

You can run multiple parallel UI user sessions on macOS and Windows. Setup a user for each remote workspace, create a UI session (via VNC, note that RDP might not be working reliably with AudioGridder) and run a separate server instance in each session. You need to assign a different server ID to each instance (in the server settings). In your DAW you can address each server instance from the AudioGridder plugin via “server[:ID]” notation.

You can also run multiple servers within your network and access different servers from your DAW at the same time (in different plugin instances).

Finnes for macOS og Windows.



The plugin is currently supported on macOS, Windows and Linux as VST2, VST3 and AudioUnit (on macOS only). Note: AAX is likely never coming, as AVID does not seem to support open source projects unfortunately. See the compatibility section for a workaround.

With the AudioGridder FX plugin you can plug a remote insert effect chain into your DAW’s channel inserts. From there you can insert any FX plugin available on the connected server.

Instruments work similarly. Create a software instrument track in your DAW and select the AudioGridder plugin as instrument. Now you can load any of the instrument plugins available on the server.

Each AudioGridder plugin instance will connect to a single remote server instance. But each separate loaded plugin instance can connect to a different server, so you can connect to multiple servers from your DAW at the same time.

Finnes for macOS, Windows og Linux.


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