Valhalla DSP melder at alle deres plugger nå er kompatible med er M1 Mac´er. 

"There’s a lot of confusing terminology around this, so I’m going to restate this sentence in a bunch of different ways:

  • The Valhalla DSP plugins have been built to run as both native Intel and ARM (Apple Silicon) plugins.
  • The Valhalla plugins are all now Universal Binary 2 plugins
  • The Valhalla plugins no longer need Rosetta2 to run on M1 Macs (with a few caveats noted below)

We’ve had the M1 builds of all plugins in user accounts as beta versions since January. A few weeks back, we decided to make this official, so we got rid of the “beta” designations of the installers in user accounts, and also built new demo versions of the plugins as Universal Binary 2 for Intel and Apple Silicon.

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