Waves har i samarbeid med Chris Lord-Alge utviklet et produkt som de hevder skal gjøre det å mixe med hodetelefoner, og samtidig produsere pålitelige mixe-resultater lettere enn tidligere.

Her er hva de sier:

"With CLA Nx, you can: 

• Trust your headphone mixes to translate reliably to speakers in any sound system. 

• Make better decisions on your favorite headphones – about mix depth, the low end, panning, use of reverb, and more.  

• Enjoy an outstanding, expertly calibrated monitoring environment to check your mixes, for additional reliable reference. 

Mixing on headphones in a way that will translate reliably to other playback systems is notoriously difficult. CLA Nx turns the headphones you already own into a more reliable monitoring system."

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