Rob Papen har kommet med et par nyheter i det siste: en algoritmisk reverbplugin kalt RevSane, og synthen Blue i versjon 3. Se videoer og mer info nedenfor:


Blue 3

Her hva de sier selv:
The concept for BLUE-III still remains true to that ethos with even more added sound dimensions and features to its extended name. Firstly adding our own take on ‘Karplus Strong String Model Synthesis’, new ‘Waveforms’, new ‘Filter types’, a new range of creative ‘built-in Samples’, and lastly the option for you as a user to load up to 6 samples inside each Preset. BLUE-III’s GUI has received an overhaul including many different sizes, the XY pad is now always on the front panel. The audio engine has received DNA from our virtual analog synthesizer B.I.T. resulting in unsurpassed audio quality. Lastly, of course, this amazing instrument is shipped with 5000+ Presets by Rob himself and well-known industry sound designers.

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