Steinberg lanserer nå versjon 9 av masteringprogrammet Wavelab. Programmet finnes som tidligere i versjoner, Pro og Elements. Hvis du har kjøpt Wavelab 8 etter 2 februar kan du laste ned den nye versjonen gratis. En fullversjon Wavelab Pro 9 koster kr. 5.349,-, mens fullversjon av lillebror Wavelab Elements 9 koster kr. 923,-. Oppgraderinger er naturligvis rimeligere.

Her er hva Steinberg oppgir som nyheter i forhold til versjon 8 av Wavelab.

  • Revolutionary new user interface based on a ribbon and tab layout concept for instant access to all vital program functions
  • MasterRig high-end mastering plug-in suite including Equalizer, Dynamic EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Saturator and Imager and M/S support
  • Full M/S support including mid/side editing and processing of files in Audio Editor and Audio Montage, M/S monitoring in the master section and flexible M/S channel processing
  • Direct exchange with Cubase and Nuendo for using WaveLab’s mighty feature set during mixing and for easily opening the respective Cubase/Nuendo project from WaveLab
  • Newly designed Master Section including easier-to-read metering, M/S monitoring, channel processing options and 12 effect slots
  • High-quality SoX-based Resampler, Multiband Expander and Multiband Envelope Shaper
  • New window docking system allowing you to customize WaveLab conveniently to your individual needs
  • WaveLab Project Manager lets you keep track of even the largest projects
  • File Group system for conveniently organizing your audio files and Audio Montages
  • Further improvements such as clip-based send effect automation (envelope-based), plug-in search, naming scheme and more rendering options

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