HoRNet VHS er en ny plugin som tar sikte på å gjøre det lettere å mixe i hodetelefoner. (Navnet på pluggen fikk oss litt forvirret der et øyeblikk..)

Her er hva de sier selv:

Introducing HoRNet VHS (virtual headphones system) – the ultimate audio plugin for better headphone mixing. Our software applies frequency correction and room simulation to headphones, resulting in accurate mixes that translate perfectly to any playback system. With over 100 headphone models in our database, you can be sure that you’re getting the most accurate frequency response possible.

HoRNet VHS is the perfect tool for music producers, sound engineers, and musicians who want to achieve professional-quality mixes on headphones. Our advanced room simulation algorithms recreate the acoustics of a professional studio, complete with the sound of high-end speakers and the natural reverb of the room. This means that you can mix your music in an environment that simulates the sound of high-end monitors, without being constrained by a physical listening space.

Prisen er 10,99 EUR og demo kan lastes ned. Pluggen finnes i 64-bit for Mac og Windows, i flg. pluginformater Audio Units, VST, VST3 og AAX.

Besøk HoRNet for mer info.